We live water. We supply water.


We are Mekorot

Mekorot has conveyed water, the source of life for more than 85 years

For more than 85 years, Mekorot has embodied the unique Israeli spirit: daring, sophistication, and innovation in the face of the complex challenges of the Israeli water economy. These challenges are derived from the country’s location on the edge of the desert and lean sources of water, which face constant threats. 

We are the National Water Company of Israel.

Everything that Mekorot does is for the Israeli people: the family at home, the farmer in the field, the worker in industry. We understand the needs of each of them and plan and design Israel’s water map accordingly, putting Israel on the global water map.


We do this by constantly pushing the limits of knowledge and expanding the capabilities of water technologies. We turn every risk into a possibility and every challenge into an opportunity in order to always ensure an available and reliable supply of high-quality water.

About Us
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Economic Strength

One of the best water companies in the world. Fact!

Mekorot’s achievements in the water sector have positioned the company as a global leader and established Israel’s standing as a water powerhouse in the OECD.

In May 2022, Global Water Intelligence (GWI) recognized Mekorot as one of the 60 leading utilities in the world. The recognition followed a review of Mekorot’s innovation and technological operations in recent years.

The new rating follows the GWI 2020 rating, which marked Israel as having one of the four most advanced water sectors in the world. The 2020 rating stated that Mekorot is one of the best utilities in the world, because of its water loss rate of less than 3%, compared with the OECD average of 15%, and praised the company’s infrastructures, research, professional knowhow, and handling of water sources.

Mekorot achieved its standing following outstanding results in dealing with the challenges of global warming, which threatens the future of water sources in the Middle East and worldwide.


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Water resource management

A dynamic company in a changing climate

Mekorot is no stranger to the accelerating aridity around the world. We’ve been there, we have tackled the problems of water shortage, but we have also known how to find creative solutions that have increased the water supply and preserved the stability of the water economy. Prolonged and extreme droughts will continue to strike the world in the coming years, and we are prepared for them. We do not rest for a moment. We are developing a range of new water infrastructures, with the support of the Israeli government, which enables us to assist in meeting the major water challenges that many countries are also facing, and provide unique added value that will strengthen the stability of water economies in extreme conditions.

The strategic anchors of Mekorot

Corporate responsibility

Mekorot is implementing a policy of sustainable development that preserves water sources and the environment for future generations.

Competitive advantages

Mekorot works with Israeli and foreign partners to maximize professional and financial advantages for a range of projects.

International cooperation

Mekorot is moving forward on ventures across the world to realize the vast potential present in the resource of life – water.

Financial soundness

Mekorot has had the highest financial soundness rating – ilAAA – for over 20 years. 

Technological innovation is us

Demand for water forces Mekorot to constantly look ahead, to lead the world to a safer and more stable future of water. We understand that this hoped-for future is found in technology and its infinite possibilities for information management and start-of-the-art tools, innovative and even revolutionary infrastructures for the efficient dealing with the growing water challenges, such as global desertification. That is our direction, that is where we are going – to create a digital and technological water economy.

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The world is thirsty for water innovation. Mekorot offers it.

Water is our business. It is an advanced dynamic business that matches the world of innovation with the world of water, opening doors to new opportunities and solutions for a world thirsty for water – the resource of life. That is why Mekorot is found throughout the value chain in every water sector. We think creatively to create original water solutions that maximize our competitive advantages to fulfill the vast position of 21st century gold – water. 

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International operations

Wherever there is a water challenge in the world – we are there!

With the support of the Israeli government, Mekorot is making available its asset of rich knowledge, technological leadership, and proven development capabilities to offer solutions to global water challenges. We are working with governments and companies to help local water economies make exceptional achievements.

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We have business opportunities for you!

Mekorot’s development momentum in the water economy combines private Israeli and foreign companies through design, procurement, and construction tenders. The competitive processes support our uncompromising striving for achieving an operational and business edge throughout the projects in order to meet the development challenges of the water economy.

Our Projects