Pre-Qualification Tender R-13/2023 for the Supply of a SCADA System

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Pre-Qualification Tender for the Supply of a SCADA System
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Lishai Ganon
Command and control
  • If you do not receive response by email from Mekorot that it has received the form, verify receipt of the email by calling 073-3521735/772 or mobile 050-7283130 (only by WhatsApp), stating the name, tender number, and name of the bidder.
  • It is made clear that submitting bids in this process does not involve payment.
  • The bidder is responsible for submitting all the material that it received with respect to this process via Mekorot's online tenders system, SourcingVision (the process documents, letters of clarification, if any, etc.) signed by it, by the deadline for submitting the bids as set forth in the process documents.
  • It is emphasized that it will not be possible to submit bids by responding to this email, but only through Mekorot's online tenders system, SourcingVision, as set forth in the process documents.
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