National Carrier Flow Reversal Project

Changing the way of the world in water

For decades, the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), Israel only fresh water reservoir, was the heart of the National Water Carrier. Water from the Kinneret in the north was carried southward to homes nationwide.

The era of desalination in Israel and the construction of the New National Water Carrier, based supplying desalinated water, released the water economy from its dependence on the Kinneret, but it is still exposed to severe prolonged drought that harm is condition.

Dwindling water supply and the potential for hydrological damage threaten the Kinneret’s ability to continue supplying water for all needs to the communities in the north, as well as to the Kingdom of Jordan under the peace treaty with Israel. 

In the face of these threats, Mekorot has embarked on a national infrastructure project to preserve the Kinneret as a strategic water source for the water economy. This objective forces us to think in “reverse”: for the first time in Israel’s history, the water flow in the National Water Carrier is being reversed from south to north instead of north to south.

The changing world order and the reality of the water reversal that Mekorot is creating, the National Water Carrier will carry massive quantities of desalinated water northward. The water, which originates in the desalination plants along the Mediterranean, will flow through a sophisticated network of pipelines, pumping stations, and reservoirs, to its objective: strengthening the Kinneret, boosting the water supply to northern communities, and fulfilling Israel’s commitment to the Kingdom of Jordan.

The Kinneret has always been a national asset, and this unique project will preserve its importance to the water economy and peace between neighbors in the Middle East.

Israel to be 1st in world to pipe desalinated water into a natural lake, the Galilee (The times of israel, 28.2.2022) read more