International operations

Wherever there is a water challenge in the world – we are there!

With the support of the Israeli government, Mekorot is making available its asset of rich knowledge, technological leadership, and proven development capabilities to offer solutions to global water challenges. We are working with governments and companies to help local water economies make exceptional achievements.

Your needs. Our solutions. 

  • Consulting and the planning of master plans for a water economy with medium and long-term planning horizons.
  • Energy efficiency – reviewing processes, integration of technologies, and energy streamlining along the value chain.
  • Precision big data-based management – integrating advanced systems as a management-operational tool and decision-making support systems.
  •  Desalination – consulting, design, and supervision of projects.
  • Wastewater –consulting, design, and support for the construction, expansion, and performance of wastewater treatment and reuse projects.
  • Technology – learning, integration, and installation of advanced technologies.
  • Hydrology and water resources management – consulting, design, supervision, and streamlining of natural resources-based water supply systems.
  • Cyber – consulting, design, support, and the building of a water supply safety and security envelope.

Examples of our solutions overseas


Maharashtra State in central India – advising the government and planning of a master plan for the water economy with a 2050 planning horizon.
Punjab State in northwest India – advising the government and planning of the water economy with a 2050 planning horizon.

Group 159

The Inter-American Development Bank (IABD) – consulting in the mapping of attractive investment channels in South America.

Group 161

Mexico – rehabilitation, management, and design of an aquifer-based water system.

Group 160

Cyprus – establishment of a water economy based on desalination, including the construction of two desalination plants and their operation for 25 years.

Group 162

Azerbaijan – certification and upgrade of water quality laboratories and the construction of a mobile sampling network to deal with water emergencies.

Circular economy