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Mekorot’s development momentum in the water economy combines private Israeli and foreign companies through design, procurement, and construction tenders. The competitive processes support our uncompromising striving for achieving an operational and business edge throughout the projects in order to meet the development challenges of the water economy.

Just recently, we published a number of international tenders for the construction of strategic projects across Israel. They include the drilling of 400 wells at a cost of NIS 700 million, the construction of 60 new pumping stations at a cost of NIS 280 million, construction of a new marine system at a cost of NIS 150 million as part of the expansion of the desalination plant for desert agriculture and tourism, and a network of lines to connect the new desalination plant in northern Israel at a cost of NIS 300 million.

Exploit our business opportunities and come participate in some of the tenders in diverse development plans for the water economy. As part of the world of innovation that is synonymous with Mekorot, you can now participate easily, quickly, and simply via the digital tenders system.

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