The Fifth Line to Jerusalem

Water through the mountains, technology, and vision

The Fifth Line to Jerusalem is designed to meet the water demand of Israel capital, the country’s largest city, for the next 50 years. We are doing this by greatly increasing the supply of desalinated water to Jerusalem.

The water is elevated from sea level to an altitude of 900 meters. We are led this mega project because of the importance that the Israeli government attaches to it as a national infrastructure enterprise.

The mega project was built in two segments, the first of which is already completed in 2014 and the second that was completed in 2022 and included an unprecedented engineering challenge: excavating a tunnel that  lift the water to the necessary altitude through a mountain with high landscape sensitivity.

A 13-km four-meter diameter pipeline in the mountains  carrying immense quantities of pressurized water via advanced pumping stations that was built at the tunnel entrance and exit. These stations  ensure the rapid pushing of the water at a considerable saving of energy.

Technological and engineering innovations are used in the tunnel’s excavation: a high-performance tunnel boring machine (TBM) that minimizes environmental damage and harm to the fauna.

Upon completion of the project, the real water infrastructure revolution was began. Like railways that tunnel through mountains, the water traversing the mountains in a transportation tunnel to the peak of technological and engineering innovation for the life and livelihood at the mountain tops.

The fifth line to Jerusalem